Current Lab Members

Picture of Sergio Cobo-López Sergio Cobo-López
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Mathematical modeling of ecosystems

Picture of Jenna AquinoJenna Aquino
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Understanding the role of oxygen on coral reef microbial dynamics

Picture of Jason BaerJason Baer
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Coral reef ecology and restoration.

Picture of Ashton BallardAshton Ballard
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Determining recruitment strategies of urchins onto the ARMS and ARKs structures in the Caribbean

Picture of Lance BolingLance Boling
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I work on phage therapy projects and previously on the gut microbiome

Picture of Anneke van der GeerAnneke van der Geer
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Coral reef microbial ecology and restoration

Picture of Rachel JohnRachel John

Investigating the role of oxygen and DOC on coral reef microbial ecology

Picture of Jackson KubalJackson Kubal

Cystic Fibrosis Rapid Response Project. I am currently studying Microbial dynamics contained within the Cystic Fibrosis Lung via Metagenome, Metatranscriptome, Metabalome, and Virome analysis. Concurrently, I am assisting with bacteriophage therapy research. This entails isolating, classifying, and purifying bacteriophages in an effort to combat pathogens present in Cystic Fibrosis patient’s lungs.

Picture of Mark LittleMark Little
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Molecular, microbial, and viral ecology of marine holobionts

Picture of Maia LittleMaia Little
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Microbial dynamics within tide pools

Picture of Andres Sanchez QuintoAndres Sanchez Quinto
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Working with microbial ecology and coral reefs using P.H.A.G.E.S