Lab Alumni

Picture of Rita AuroRita Auro

Biology, phage, mucus, tissue culture

Picture of Adam BarnoAdam Barno
Picture of Jeremy BarrJeremy Barr

Phage, Mucus, and Microfluidic Model systems
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Picture of Sean BenlerSean Benler
Picture of Lance BolingLance Boling

Cell and Molecular Biology

Picture of Natasha BonillaNatasha Bonilla

Mucosal Immunology, Phage, Microbiology

Picture of Sandi CalhounSandi Calhoun

Phage, coral immunology, mucus, viromes, bioinformatics

Picture of Ines Galtier d\'AuriacInes Galtier d'Auriac
Picture of Mike FurlanMike Furlan

Viruses related to Cystic Fibrosis

Picture of Emma GeorgeEmma George

Coral-algal phase shifts on coral reefs but more specifically using coral perimeter geometry to predict coral-algal phase shifts on coral reefs.

Picture of Kevin GreenKevin Green
Picture of Jacob Vander GriendJacob Vander Griend
Picture of Ana Cobián GüemesAna Cobián Güemes
Picture of Andi HaasAndi Haas

Coral reef ecology, coral algae interactions, DOC, oxygen dynamics

Picture of Aaron HartmannAaron Hartmann

Marine ecology, invertebrate physiology and reproductive ecology, energetic tradeoffs, symbioses

Picture of Mark HatayMark Hatay

Making toys!

Picture of Eric HesterEric Hester


Picture of Nao HisakawaNao Hisakawa

Geographic Information Science (GIS), data visualization, bioinformatics

Picture of Victoria HosfordVictoria Hosford

Marine Microbiology

Picture of Jan JanouskovecJan Janouskovec

Apicomplexan parasites (malaria), Applications of phylogenetics Microbial diversity, Origins of parasitism, Principles of molecular evolution

Picture of Ben KnowlesBen Knowles

Marine Biology and Ecology

Picture of Tram LeTram Le
Picture of Yan Wei LimYan Wei Lim

Microbial Metatrascriptomics. Viral Metagenomic in animals, human and vectors

Picture of Saichetana MacherlaSaichetana Macherla
Picture of Tracey Shannon McDoleTracey Shannon McDole

Investigating energy flow in coral reef systems using body size allometry (MTE)

Picture of John MokiliJohn Mokili

Virus discovery: Liver failure of unknown origin; risk-assessment of pig-to-baboon xenotransplantation; flu-like illnesses of unknown origin; diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of unknown origin; HIV diversity and transmission

Picture of Douglas NaliboffDouglas Naliboff
Picture of Sophie NguyenSophie Nguyen

Bacteriophage, immunology, microbiology

Picture of Lauren PaulLauren Paul


Picture of Katie PontslerKatie Pontsler
Picture of Robert QuinnRobert Quinn

Microbial ecology of human and animal disease

Picture of Steven QuistadSteven Quistad

Coral immunology and viruses

Picture of Brandon ReyesBrandon Reyes
Picture of Ty RoachTy Roach

Biogeochemistry, Microbiology, Evolutionary Biology

Picture of Nate RobinettNate Robinett

Evolution of settlement and aggregation behaviors in invertebrates.

Picture of Savannah SanchezSavannah Sanchez


Picture of Cynthia SilveiraCynthia Silveira
Picture of Katrine WhitesonKatrine Whiteson

Phage and bacterial communities that inhabit the human body. I am using metabolomics, metagenomics and ecological statistics to characterize the active, microbial or viral driven processes in polymicrobial communities.

Picture of Rizki WulandariRizki Wulandari
Picture of Yanying ZhangYanying Zhang