Past Outreach Education

Mission (10th Grade Biology) and Goals

Our mission is to interest high school students in the study of the Phage Virus and attract them to the field of science in the future. We will do this by sharing the most interesting aspects about the phage virus along with an educational foundation, a fun art contest, and an in-depth field trip. Additionally, 3-5 motivated students will be offered a summer internship at our lab researching the Phage Virus.



Outreach EducationInteractive Website
This will stem from our existing website. So that teachers can find it, it will have links to several free, well known lesson plan archives. It will include, a teacher’s page with a full lesson plan aligned with the CA 10th grade Biology standards and a student’s page with amazing pictures, relevant age level appropriate reading on the subject and an interactive quiz.

Readings and lesson plan
The crucial elements of the lesson plan will be available for teachers as a printable version. This will be set-up for schools without a student computer lab.

Field trip
Four dates will be set for field trips. Teachers may sign-up their students in advance to attend these guided tours. This visit will include an image rich power point presentation on what the phage is, why we study them, and methods of study. This presentation will stem from and expand upon the online lesson plan. During the presentation, the tour guide will ask student several questions about microbiology to which they should already have the answers from the website, and also ask a few questions that they will need to think in order to answer. Students should each have a prepared question to ask. Next will be a tour of the lab, showing them the most interesting and relevant aspects. During the tour the class will speak briefly with at least one researcher who will explain exactly what he/she is doing, and answer their questions. Finally, the class will do a simple hands on lab in which they isolate a phage virus and get take it home as a mounted slide. The guide will answer any last questions. This field trip will happen in approximately two hours.

Three-five students will be offered a summer internship during which they will work in the research lab to gain valuable experience in the field. These students will be paid a small stipend per month and be required to write a final survey on their experience.

Art Contest
This will ask students to create visual art about the phage virus with a short written explanation. The teacher will photograph and upload the art piece. All work will be shown on our website. Three winners will receive a prize, and all contestants will receive a phage virus T-shirt.

The T-shirt will be made from the winning art piece. Every student will get a T-shirt. Teachers should request a set amount & sizes when they up load student art for the contest. The T-shirt will look “cool” and help them to remember what they learned.