Scientific Overview
Travel & Accommodations Presentations

Getting to the Biosphere...

Travel Options

  1. Fly to Tucson & take a Lyft/Uber to the Biosphere.
  2. Live in and/or fly to San Diego and then drive to the Biosphere with people from the Rohwer lab on January 23rd. Please let Jason Baer ( know if you are doing the drive.
  3. Live in Tucson and drive to the Biosphere...this is the easiest option.

Lodging at Biosphere

Ty Roach (252-422-2666; is arranging accommodations for everyone at the Biosphere.

For guests arriving before 7 pm please follow the signs to Visitor & Tour Parking. Park in the main lot and walk into the Visitor Center / Admissions building. Staff will greet you and assist with room keys and directions to your rooms.

For guests arriving after 7 pm, please use the call box located at the main gate (which will be closed). You will use this to call the operator by pressing 061 and the "call" button. These instructions are printed on a sign at the box. Once you alert the operator, just let them know that you are arriving to check in for the conference. The operator will remotely buzz you through, then follow the same instructions as above. The operator will meet you at the Visitor Center to assist you with your check in.

Getting Reimbursements

  1. Save receipts for flights & Lyft/Ubers.
  2. After the meeting has ended and you have all the receipts, bug Gina Spidel (
  3. For those driving, we will use standard mileage reimbursements.

All Complaints & Organizing Challenges

Please contact Jason Baer (904-528-8874; Jason is supposed to be writing his dissertation, so he is looking for absolutely any excuse to not be sitting in front of a computer.