Rohwer Wegley-Kelly Lab

Current Lab Members

Lance Boling
Area of study:

Cell and Molecular Biology


Nutrition, Gene therapy, music

Sandi Calhoun
Area of study:

Phage, coral immunology, mucus, viromes, bioinformatics


Pretty much anything outdoors, dancing, hooping, caving, traveling

Area of study:

Coral-algal phase shifts on coral reefs but more specifically using coral perimeter geometry to predict coral-algal phase shifts on coral reefs.


Scientific: Marine microbial ecology, coral holobionts, coral-algal phase shifts, bioenergetics, fractal dimensions, tipping points, 3D modeling.

Personal: Scuba diving, paragliding, telemark skiing, hiking, camping, triathlons, paddle boarding, fishing, playing guitar, old fashion hoedowns.

Ana Cobián Güemes
Area of study:

Coral reef ecology, coral algae interactions, DOC, oxygen dynamics


Skiing in MY Alps

Aaron Hartmann
Area of study:

Marine ecology, invertebrate physiology and reproductive ecology, energetic tradeoffs, symbioses


Coral reefs, traveling, playing guitar, changing light bulbs

Area of study:

Making toys!

Area of study:

Marine Microbial Ecology


Music, soccer, diving, guitars

Saichetana Macherla
Douglas Naliboff
Area of study:



Photography, traveling/exploring, music, diving, anything in the water

Katie Pontsler
  • Katie Pontsler
Brandon Reyes
Area of study:

Biogeochemistry, Microbiology, Evolutionary Biology


Surfing, Wrestling, Freestyle Rapping

Nate Robinett
Area of study:

Evolution of settlement and aggregation behaviors in invertebrates.

Cynthia Silveira

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