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May 23, 2017

Living art takes over the SDMG

By Kevin Green

The Art and Microbiology class, lead by Professor Arzu Ozkal, Professor Anca Segall and Professor Forest Rohwer, presented their final art pieces at the Annual San Diego Microbiome Group Symposium held at UCSD. The graphic designer and biology student pairs put the final touches on their project after multiple rounds of critique and improvements throughout the semester, culminating in these presentations to members of the SDMG.


Along with the art, members from the Rohwer lab presented posters pertaining the their research alongside the art pieces. The “living art” was intended to display a non-trivial scientific idea or phenomenon while possessing both artistic and design elements allowing individuals who are not deeply involved with the projects to understand the research. The scientific ideas presented ranged from how common foods and sweeteners which we consume everyday effect the lifestyle of bacteriophages in our gut to displaying how the exudates produced by macro algae on coral reefs can negatively impact the health of corals, even when they are not in direct contact.


These living art pieces will continue to run throughout the summer and samples will be collected to be sequenced on the Oxford Nanopore Technologies minION Sequencer. This novel sequencing technology has allowed researchers to process and sequences samples in the field at a reduced cost. The art pieces will hopefully show the shift in microbial communities associated with the phenomenon that are being tested. Stay tuned for the results!


May 23, 2017

The Learning Glass helps to connect researchers to the public

By Kevin Green

Students Kevin Green, Brandi White, Adam Barno, and Douglas Naliboff participated in Molecular Biology 610 last semester taught by Dr. Nicholas Shikuma. There they learned how to successfully write grants as well as presented their work via the Learning Glass, an online instructional tool developed by Dr. Matt Anderson in the Physics Department at SDSU to better teach students who participate in online classes. The students had to give a 2-3 minute “chalk-talk”, using the Learning Glass, on their research aimed at students who have a semester of introductory biology under their belt.

Apr 04, 2017

Microbiology and Art Join Forces

By Kevin Green

Spring 2017

Professor Arzu Ozkal from the Art Department, in collaboration with Professor Anca Segall and Professor Forest Rohwer from the Biology Department are all joining forces this semester under the Art Alive Program at SDSU. The class brings Graphic Design and Biology students together to illustrate both the beauty and complexity of biology through art and research. Throughout the semester, students have been working together to create beautiful and effective infographics from microbiome research publications on topics ranging from coral reef diseases to the microbial composition of breast milk. The class will culminate in a “living” art instillation that will be presented at the San Diego Microbiome Group Annual Symposium on May 13th. These pieces will convey complex biological processes or ideas such as the induction of prophages or the effects of coral-algal interaction on the host microbiome.

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